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    Why Read this Book???

    So you can take all the difficulties and failures in life and turn them into a POWERFUL story to serve you and the people around you 100%!  

    So your emotions  never hold you back or keep you stuck ever again.

    So you can accomplish all the things on your list that are burning deep in your heart.

    So you can turn that hope into reality.  With zero chance of anything holding you back. 

    So you can shine, win and ignite your dreams with emotions that help you take fearless action. 

    So you take your overactive mind into action and shut off whats not serving you. 

    Is there more?  

    Are you angry because you are not reaching the level of success you want so bad?   

     Maybe, like I did, you're trusting others' advice over your own instinct.  
    Maybe, just maybe, you are ending the day thinking of all things you should do -- but never do.

    Reading this book will help you understand why you do what you do, how you can get what you want, and guide you to experience badass breakthroughs that last a lifetime. 

    Want to see whats inside?

    The 10X Your Inner Rockstar Chapters and Jam Sessions: 

    Along with practical tools and action in each chapter.  I share my story of perseverance and how I turned my hope into reality.  This is the first time I share my story in public!  If this girl can do it so can YOU!!  I am proof!! 

    • Why You Are Not Taking Action
    • Chaos to Beauty - a Rockstar Story of Perseverance
    • Ambush of Thoughts and Emotions
    • ​Rule Your Emotions
    • ​Understanding "Why You Do What You Do"
    • ​Circle of Crazy
    • ​Emotional Intelligence
    • ​Understanding the Emotional Brain
    • ​The Effects of Negative Emotions on Your Body
    • ​Strong Foundations Create Lasting Change
    • ​The Emotional Connection
    • ​Action Steps of a Rockstar - Beyond Self-Awareness
    • ​Energy Shots
    • ​Rockstar Lifestyle - The Manifesto
    • ​Let's 10X Your Inner Rockstar
    • ​Impact Stories

    This book is the answer to TAKING control of your emotions, gaining clarity, unleashing the fire inside you, and getting RESULTS for the rest of your life, so you can live a BOLD BADASS 10X Life!  

    Want Some HONESTY? 

    Circumstances and storms may have held you back.
    Many things you are dealing with are not your fault and you may be angry about that. I know. It sucks.
    But here's the TRUTH: in spite of all that, you CAN live a bold badass 10x life!

    But you have to want it as bad as I want it for you. You have to be willing to start by getting this book and being active in your own life and not just going through the motions.

    Taking action or taking the right action is not always easy in the world we live in today. Things come at us so fast that sometimes we don't have time to stop, process, and pull ourselves together.  Unfortunately, this vicious cycle steals from your true identity and prevents you from reaching your full potential.

    You might feel stuck, lost, or full of fear and anxiety. You could even be someone who shows up on your game but is really stressed inside. You could have a powerful story that needs to be shared with the world but your emotions are holding you back. You could be in a chaotic situation that you have no idea how to get out of.  

    NO MATTER WHAT, this book is going to help you peel back the layers of your emotions so that you can take action to achieve your hopes and dreams, even if you have not been able to achieve real results in the past. It doesn't matter where you are in your story. This book will help you overcome whatever has been standing in your way.

    Leisa has discovered how to unlock the mysteries of your mind, retrain your brain, and fuel your life in a way that helps you get back to the person you were created to be.

    If you are ready to be the Rockstar you were created to be, then dive in with us, unlock your brain, get off the emotional roller coaster. Get your book today!  

    This book will change the way you do life, the way you see yourself, and the way you take a stand in this world to serve others. This book will help you take the right action and take that action without fear. This book will help YOU 10X YOUR INNER ROCKSTAR!!

     You will:          

    • ​Gain emotional clarity
    • ​Unleash your true self
    • ​Learn to manage emotions
    • ​Discover your voice
    • ​Find your passion
    • ​Impact more people
    • ​Live your Life on your terms
    • ​Take action
    • ​Get results
    “In this incredibly inspiring book, Leisa shares her story and how she was able to 10X her inner rockstar and be who she was created to be no matter what life delivered. She gives you the education, tools, and action steps to do the same in your life.”

    Ben Newman
    Performance Coach Alabama Football & K State Football
    Author of Leave YOUR Legacy

    About Leisa Jenkins 

    As a Life and Business Coach for more than 15 years, Leisa has coached people both in business and life. Leisa has 4 Children and has been married for 21 years.   

    Leisa has experienced life on levels that are hard to understand fully. Leisa persevered through difficult circumstances and refused to be defined by painful events in her life.  She knew she was meant for more and she has proven that with her dedication to changing lives and being who she was created to be on every level no matter what storm comes her way.  She changed her story and is dedicated to helping you do the same.  

    She realized through coaching hundreds of people and speaking on stages around the United States that all of us have JUNK in our heads from life, experiences, and circumstances we did not ask for.   

    Leisa dedicates this book to her courageous clients who trusted her coaching expertise and devoted themselves to doing the work and changing their stories regardless of the circumstances of their lives.

    Taking Action is the #1 Way to Success .

    Leisa has mentored & coached chiropractic students, doctors, pastors, community leaders, actors, families, children, teachers, speakers, entrepreneurs, and coaches.

    "Leisa shares her inspiring story in this action-packed book full of education and resources ensuring that you will 10X Your Inner Rockstar and be all that you were created to be. Her tremendous perseverance in life has given her the gifts that will impact you. Pick up this must-read book today! "

    Joseph McClendon III
    Ultimate Performance Specialists
    "The two words that come to mind are Trauma and Phoenix! This book walks a person from trauma to rising like a Phoenix! It reminds us that vulnerability at its best will always showcase your strengths through belief, patience, and God! "

    Joseph & Carol Luckett
    Zero to 100 Founder/CEO & Co-Founder

    We Give 

    Leisa's daughter was diagnosed with Turner Syndrome in 2018.   

    Leisa is passionate about educating, supporting, and bringing awareness to girls everywhere who live with this health issue and has partnered with the Turner Syndrome Foundation to make that happen. 

    A portion of every sale of 10X Your Inner Rockstar goes to the Turner Syndrome Foundation. TSF is dedicated to providing education and support to girls who have been diagnosed with this rare disorder and their families.


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